Features & Benefits

Pulse Infusion Kits are designed to be used with the Fountain®  and Mistique®  Infusion Catheters. Products are available with 1ml infusion syringe, 20ml reservoir syringe, and check relief valve; some kits also contain a haemostasis valve.

Ordering Information

Catalog NumberHCPCS CodeGS1GTIN UnitGTIN Carton
  K12-00262No Applicable Code030000088445003000410884450030001
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GTIN Shipper20884450030008
  K12-00263No Applicable Code021960088445002196510884450021962
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GTIN Shipper20884450021969
  K12-00264No Applicable Code028420088445002842110884450028428
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GTIN Shipper20884450028425
  K12-00462No Applicable Code022840088445002284910884450022846
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GTIN Shipper20884450022843
  K12-00463No Applicable Code021970088445002197210884450021979
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GTIN Shipper20884450021976