The ASAPLP is a 100 percent stainless steel braided, kink-resistant, 145cm low profile aspiration catheter. Features include a radiopaque platinum iridium marker band and brightly coloured wire exchange lumen. The ASAPLP is a 4F catheter designed for maximum aspiration and fits into a 6F guide catheter of ≥0.066″ with ease. Hydrophilic coating, measuring 30cm long, promotes deliverability and a longer rapid exchange lumen, 20cm, is designed for better wire trackability. Options include a stiffening stylet. The ASAPLP kit is an all-inclusive accessory kit and tray that will add convenience and time-saving accessibility to aspiration procedures. The kit contains the ASAPLP aspiration catheter, RXP flush syringe, VacLok syringes, tubing/stopcock set, MicroStop waste basin, and two 70 micron filter baskets for time-saving convenience during interventional cardiology and interventional radiology procedures.