Features & Benefits

The Safeguard Radial™ Compression Device is a 26-cm long, latex-free, self-adhesive wristband designed to assist haemostasis of the radial artery after a catheterisation procedure. The band delivers adjustable compression of the radial puncture site with an inflatable bulb and standard Luer valve for easy inflation and deflation with any standard Luer syringe. A clear window allows better visualisation of the puncture site and the size and shape of the bulb minimises compression of surrounding nerve structures or other areas. The cloth wristband offers greater patient comfort and fits securely around the wrist. The Safeguard Radial is packaged individually, sterile, single use only. Sold in boxes of 10 units.

The Safeguard Radial adds to Merit Medical’s growing portfolio of products designed to support haemostasis following radial approach procedures.

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