Safeguard® Pressure Assisted Device: Trusted Femoral Performance Now Available for Radial Procedures


Many of our customers use the Safeguard Pressure Assisted Device for haemostasis following femoral access procedures because they trust its compression, convenience and comfort. Merit Medical now has the Safeguard Radial™ compression device that offers the same trusted compression after radial procedures.


  • Inflatable bulb focuses compression only where you want it
  • It’s easy to adjust air in the bulb using a standard Luer lock syringe
  • Trusted compression, comfort and convenience
  • The base plate and the way the band wraps around the bulb provide stable positioning, not occlusion
  • You already know how important patent haemostasis is for a radial compression device and the Safeguard Radial allows you to achieve patent haemostasis with patient comfort as well


  • While your patients come in many sizes, Safeguard Radial comes in one size that will fit them all
  • Having one compression device can reduce your inventory, maximise your precious storage space, and streamline ordering
  • You can use any syringe because Safeguard Radial has a standard Luer lock
  • The inflatable bulb lets you take distal and proximal pulses easily
  • The visibility of the clear bulb window allows you to check the access site


  • Just like the Safeguard femoral, the Safeguard Radial has a soft textile band with no plastic edges and a low profile design

So if you have been using the Safeguard for haemostasis following your femoral procedures, you can trust the Safeguard Radial to provide the same comfortable, convenient performance for radial compression.

Stephanie Poulsen

Senior Product Manager